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"Marcus is a dedicated photographer who is always exploring and experimenting with new techniques and style. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Photography at Montana State University, he moved back to Seattle and became the lead photographer and manager of a respected portrait studio. 

His experience as a photographer stretches beyond the studio. In addition to excellence in portrait photography, in his experimental art photography Marcus has tackled projects on important issues such as identity and the fleeting nature of film based photography, and in his travels fine art landscape and wildlife images. For Marcus every project presents new challenges, and he delights in applying his experience and vision to bring innovation to every photo shoot to match the needs of his clients.

Marcus has also been the lead photographer and sole videographer for several music videos for local artists. When working creatively, Marcus likes to sketch out designs and concepts for how to get the shot that he sees in his mind, and enjoys working with the client to optimize the experience and resultant images."

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