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Earica Brown-Raskey

Earica is a Professional Photographer and creative Graphic Designer. She has dedicated her most life to being a passionate photographer and a digital creative. She is not only owner the of Viavoya and she also owner of Earica Brown Photography. She has an eclectic style and an amazing ability to visually capture the expressions of life in her images. Her visually creative background stems from over 30 years of Photography experience. 


Earica has produced incredible photographs for many prestigious companies like Lufhansa Airline, Liberty Mutual, Safeco Insurance and the Boule Organization (Sigma Pi Phi),  just to name a few. In 2014  she created a series of short documentary films while Artist-in-residence for the "Dream Community" in Taiwan. In 2015 she then created a full documentary titles MAZU for the Dream Community, in which she independently filmed, produced, directed and edited.  


She also photographed many international incentive programs and events which included travels to Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Alaska, Greece, Puerto Rico and various locations in the United States.  

Her educational background consist of photography studies at the University of New Orleans. She also earned an AS degree in Graphic Design from Seattle Central Creative Academy, completed a certificates in Publishing Art and Business Development.

Her working background has included photographing fashion, corporate/non corporate events, international travel events, portraiture, product and short promotional videos, documentary films and graphic design for companies nation wide.

Earica has dedicated her life to expressing her determination, artistic abilities and creative visions through multiple mediums. She consistently rises above and beyond all expectations. 

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