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Destination Photography Incentive Travel, Events


Viavoya started its journey when CEO & Founder, Earica Brown-Raskey, wanted to create a company that make it easy for clients to work with the most experienced, creatively talented, technically educated, professional photographers. Our goal is to entrust complete confidence in knowing that your company, business or organization will receive top quality high-end imagery. In addition, we take great pride in providing you with an extraordinary experience when working with us. 


Our talented, innovative team, not only proficiently captures all your corporate endeavors, we also provide visual marketing and social media imagery that help promote and grow your company brand. We value the synergy between our creative team and corporate professionals because we thrive on great relationships.

With over 26 years of experience, our team of professionals use only high-end equipment, achieving maximum productivity. We understand that in the age of digital cameras, most people use their personal DSLR or even a cell phone to capture life's events. While it's wonderful that everyone has access to a camera at any given moment, there is no substitution for a skilled professional. 

When it comes to working efficiently, it's incredibly necessary to acquire the best camera team to provide you with quality images that reflect your reputation. We value our work and are proud to create a memorable finish product for you and your business. 

Viavoya is a team of outstanding digital photographers and videographers that produce a 360 degree perspective of innovative photographic creativity. 


Earica Brown-Raskey CEO of Viavoya

Earica Brown-Raskey

Earica Brown-Raskey, CEO and founder of Viavoya, is a Photographer, Videographer and Graphic Designer. She has an eclectic style and an amazing ability to visually capture the expressions of life in her images and film. Her visually creative background stems from..Learn more about Earica



Happy customers make it all worthwhile.


Our name "VIAVOYA" is a portmanteau, abstract name composed two significant components Via and Voya.


VIA |ˈvē-ə| •  traveling through (a place) en route to a destination: or passes through; by way of travel.


VOYA |ˈvoi-yə| •  is a derivative of the word voyage which means a journey, a course of travel or passage, an expedition from one place to another.


Together we joined the two to create "VIAVOYA" which is in reflection of the journey we take with you through our creative eyes. 

Destination Photography Incentive Travel, Events
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