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Bringing together Biometric Technology and Event Photography

Introducing Viavoya Elite Pix (VEP) - Facial Recognition, a cutting-edge AI-powered photo management system designed to revolutionize your event experience. With VEP, say goodbye to the hassle of manually searching through countless event photos to find yourself, friends and colleagues captured in the moment. 

Here's how it works:

For your next event with Viavoya, you have the option to add on Viavoya Elite Pix (VEP) - Facial Recognition service for your guest. Utilize advanced facial recognition algorithms to help identify individuals from your event photo gallery.  Whether you're attending an incentive travel event, a conference, corporate meeting, or any other gathering, VEP ensures that every photo of you is seamlessly sorted, selected and made accessible.


Effortless Photo Retrieval:

Gone are the days of endlessly scrolling through galleries searching for your photos. VEP automatically sifts and sorts through all event photos, swiftly matching you with your images for photo retrieval.


Photo Delivery: 

With VEP, experience the thrill of photo delivery directly to your smartphone via text or app alerts. After guest have chosen to join our VEP, their photos will be promptly delivered to their mobile device, allowing guest to share and cherish memories on the go.


Enhanced Event Experience:

Enhanced your next Event Experience by signing up for VEP - Facial Recognition. Your guest will not only gaining access to a new cutting edge process of event photo retrieval, they are unlocking a whole new level of event experience.  


Security and Privacy: 

Rest assured, VEP prioritizes your privacy and security. Your facial data is handled with the utmost care, and VEP adheres to strict privacy guidelines to safeguard your information.


Don't let precious moments slip away. Embrace the convenience and excitement of Viavoya Elite Pix (VEP) - Facial Recognition today. Include VEP when you BOOK YOUR NEXT EVENT and unleash an unparalleled event experience for every guest.

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