Take advantage of our


Schedule your team or group, of six or more, for their new 2020 corporate or business headshots.

Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and receive the "Headshot Happy Hour" 

discount headshot rates below!


6 to 10 - $99 Per Person

11 to 15- $85 Per Person

16 to 20 - $75 Per Person

21 to 30 - $65 Per Person

For groups over 30 people, contact us for rates and to schedule your sessions.

Sessions must be scheduled on the same day, in consecutive order to receive the discount. No breaks in the schedule.

• On your scheduled day, each person will be assigned to a 10 - 15 minute photo session.

(Must be scheduled in consecutive order. No breaks in the schedule.)

• The shoot will take place on one pre-selected backdrop or setting (Environmental, Outdoors, or Solid) 

• We will shoot five different poses, which you can choose from. (See example below) 

• 48 - 72 hours after the shoot, the images will be ready online for viewing. 

• You will have access to one group or individual personal online galleries.

• Make your selection by emailing us your favorite image file number. 

• Each person will receive one high resolution retouched digital image with unlimited usage.

• No outfit changes allowed

Want to know more about the backdrops? Learn more

Want to add a Team/Group Photo? Learn more


Environmental, Outdoors or Solid, we will work together by selecting the best setting for your team. We have a variety of solid color backdrop selections.

 Not all backdrop colors are shown here. 

Please note the all happy hours session will be photographed on one pre-selected backdrop.


Want to see more backdrop options? Learn more

Want to add a Team Photo? Learn more 


We are happy to photograph your team during your scheduled Headshot Happy Hour session.

Your company or business will receive one high-res retouched digital image.

To add a team photo, there are additional fees starting at $75 and up.

Fees vary based on the number of team members in the group.

 Please make your team photo request at least 3 -5 days before your scheduled sessions.

The photographer will shoot one pose of the team and provide five or more images to choose from.  

For groups over 30 people, please contact us to talk more about your scheduling sessions.



We are really looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us directly or send an email with your request, questions, ideas or share your experiences. Thank you.

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